S.T.O.P. Bullies


Empowering your child: mind, body, and spirit.  Many parents have expressed their desire for an Anti-Bully Program on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that is effective, yet approachable.

We are proud to offer an Anti-Bully Program to all students attending our classes.  Our classes help improve your child’s self-esteem as well as give them the skills to protect themselves in a confrontation.  Our school is a welcoming, friendly, safe, and bully-free zone where your child can create strong and lasting friendships with their fellow teammates.  We want to give your child a stronger voice by empowering them with confidence and courage.
Today you can make a difference in your child’s life to end bullying –  get started, and see your child shine.  We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

Best regards,

Jim Fiore BJJ Anti Bully Expert

Jim Fiore

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•  Family Discounts Available


•  10% OFF Uniform and Equipment


•  No Registration Fees


•  No Enrollment Fees


•  No Belt or Testing Fees


•  Unlimited Training

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• Fun & Exciting Activity


• Non-Violent Conflict Resolution


• Approachable, Friendly Instructors

• Reduce Video Game & Smart Device Time


• Cleanest Martial Art School on the Coast


• Improves Attention, Discipline, Grades, & Health

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From the American Academy of Pediatrics

More than 6 million children in the United States participate in martial arts. Martial arts are known to improve social skills, discipline, and respect in children. Children can also improve their abilities to concentrate and focus on activities, as well as bettering their motor skills and self-confidence. Martial arts can be fun and beneficial at any age.

  • Jujitsu (joo-jit-soo) means “the art of softness” and emphasizes techniques that allow a smaller fighter to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent. First practiced in Japan, jujutsu is considered a ground fighting or grappling style of the martial arts. Many of the forms have been incorporated into other martial arts such as judo, karate, and aikido. The arm lock and submission techniques have been taught to police all over the world.
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    S.T.O.P. Bullies in Their Tracks with AMAABJJ's Proven Anti-Bully Program